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Bitburg High School Pre-Registration Form

Last Name:

First Name: MI:

Current Grade: Current Date: ,

Choose your courses carefully. Select each course you would like/plan to take next year. The school administration will use your selections to help plan the schedule for the comming school year.

* denotes a semester class

LANGUAGE ARTS (Choose one)

SOCIAL STUDIES (Choose 1 year-long course or 2 semester courses)

SCIENCE (Choose one)

Earth & Space Science (9-12)
Intro. to Physics (9-12)
Enviromental Science (10-12)
Physics (11-12)
Biology (9-12)
AP Biology (11-12)
Chemistry (10-12)
Chem Applications (10-12)
AP Chemistry (11-12)
Science, Technology, & Society (10-12)

The remaining courses offered are electives. Choose a total of 5 electives. Refer to the 4-year graduation plan to see which courses and areas are required to graduate.