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Spring at Our House in Germany
Point to photo to see caption

Apple blossom on tree in back yard
Cow in field across the street from our house
Satellite dishes on the back of the garage
Our front door at Schulstrasse 12, Metterich, Germany
Back yard with front door at right.
Front' door from inside.
Flower in back yard
Some more flowers in back yard
Our garden in the back yard
Another garden shot with back of house
Garden and neighborhood
The first Iris
Lilac blooming
I always wondered what a magpie looked like
Frilly tulips in the garden
Bunch of tulips
Same tulips from different angle
Tulips and more tulips
Lilics up close
White lilics with our roof in the background.
Bunch of irises
Wow, I like this one.
I don't know what this one is called but it sure is pretty.
OK, this is the last shot of the garden.  You can hit the back button now or go to a different site.  Class dismissed.